Airbag Unit

In order to be able to use identical steering column switches in cars with or without an airbag system, a standard steering column switch was developed for both versions. A separate plug-in type two-tone horn contact is inserted in opening (1) for cars without the airbag system {Rest of World).


This two-tone horn contact is omitted in cars with the airbag system. Contact is made via the airbag contact unit. Airbag contact unit is mounted with self-tapping screws in holes (2) with the front wheels pointing straight ahead.


Airbag Diagnosis (USA/CANADA) 9288 Porsche System Tester

Fault memories in airbag control units and the downtime since the initially stored fault can be read with help of the 9288 Porsche System Tester.

Introducing Diagnosis

Ignition turned off.

Connect 9288 Porsche System Tester in diagnosing socket of the car. Press button to switch on the Porsche System Tester. Select vehicle type - 928 -Turn on ignition.

Perform tester instructions until "installed systems" is displayed.


The first possible fault will be read out after a display of the number of faults. A maximum of 11 faults can be stored and read out.

9268 Flashing Code Tester IMPORTANT INFORMATION

If the airbag warning lamp reports a fault (warning lamp lights up), this fault must be eliminated first and the airbag fault memory cancelled afterwards, before the fault memory of any other diagnosable system (fuel injection or ignition, etc.) of the car can be read with a 9268 Flashing Code Tester.

Fault memories of airbag control units and downtime since the initially stored fault can be read with a 9268 Flashing Code Tester. Faults are displayed with four digit codes, as already in other known systems.

Explanation of Fault Code Digits


1st digit

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