1 ENGINE Mechanics


Pistons of 928 S4 cars are the same as those in 1989 model 928 GT cars.

Refer to page 1 - 02 in 1989 Model 928 GT Model Information for a description of pistons.

Cylinder Head

928 S4 cylinder heads are taken from 1989 model 928 GT cars and machined on the intake side at the transition to the intake pipe inside diameter.

Water Pump Impeller

Material of the water pump impeller was changed from gray cast iron to plastic for reduction in weight.

Oil Cooler

All eight cylinder engine models have a separate engine oil cooler for conformity with the greater power of the 928 GT and standardization with the 928 $4.

Bolting of feed and return pipes on the oil cooler is new.

A plate with a slot (arrow) on the opposite side, for guiding in oil return pipe (B), is soldered on the oil feed pipe (A).

Both pipes are bolted together with one M 8 x 25 socket head bolt (C) with help of the plate; tightening torque: 20 + 2 Nm.

One each round seal is used for sealing on the oil cooler.

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