Power Window and Sun Roof Control

A new power window and sun roof control unit is introduced for the new models.

This control unit is located underneath the left seat and is mounted with a cover for the electric leads.


Operation with Ignition Turned On

Push-button switch must be operated continuously to close door window on the passenger's side or the sun roof.

Window on the driver's side is closed automatically when the push-button switch remains operated longer than 0.5 second.

Window/sun roof operation can be stopped by touching the push-button switch briefly.

Windows for the driver/passenger sides and/or sun roof can be opened to any desired position by briefly operating the pertinent push-button switch, or to completely opened position by pressing the push button longer than 0.5 second.

Wlndow/sun roof operation can be stopped by touching the push-button switch briefly. Operation with Ignition Turned Off

All functions are maintained, except for automatic closing of the driver's door window. Opening and closing a door arrests the push-button switch functions. Opening the door cancels this arrest as long as the door is left open.

Memory Circuit - Opening

Opening of the other window can be preselected while a window is operating. Closing Windows and Sun Roof from Door Lock

If the key is held in locked position for longer than 0.5 second while locking a door, the sun roof and door windows will be closed automatically one after the other.

Current Recognition

Both types of window operation (push-button or automatic operation) are finished after 10 seconds. The control unit could recognize excess current and stop window operation, if running is impaired due to poor window guiding, ice or something similar. After recognition of excess current and stopping of window operation, the window can be continued in the same running direction by pressing the push button continuously for 5 seconds without current recognition and therefore overcome the restriction.

Push-button switches for power windows and sun roof are also modified (3 connections) due to the new control system.

USA/Australia Version

Control units for this version are programmed through the electric leads.

# Special function of "automatic driver's window closing" with the ignition on is omitted.

• Arresting of all push-button switch functions with the ignition turned off is activated by opening a door for the first time and cancelled only after the ignition is turned "on".

General Information Radio

The receiver of a "Berlin" radio is mounted underneath a cover in the console to the right.

This was already introduced in 1989 models.

The booster is still mounted underneath a cover next to the right seat.


Blaupunkt Type "Reno II" radios for USA/Canada markets have a fixed code. A separate code card is supplied with the radio documents.


A new battery designated 12 V / 72 Ah / 370 A is installed already since September, 1988. Power consumption and cyclic strength of this battery are improved by about 10 %.

Alternator - 928 S4

The alternator speed level Is increased by selecting a higher ratio to improve power supply in 928 $4 cars.

The diameter of the crankshaft pulley is Increased from 134.9 mm to 142.8 mm, which changes the ratio from 2.65 : 1 to 2.80 ; 1.

A new poly-rib drive belt {872 mm) must also be installed for this reason (928 GT: 858 mm).

Maximum alternator speed is increased to 18,480 rpm. The alternator's fan wheel had to be changed to a diecast product to make it strong enough for high speed operation.

A higher ratio for the engine in 928 GT cars is not possible because of the higher maximum engine speed.

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