Adjusting Backlash

1. install drive pinion with shims S3 determined for drive pinion adjustment and tighten all bearing cap bolts to torque of 30 Nm (22 ftlb).

2. Place differential in case.

3. Install side transmission covers, placing determined shim "Stot" on ring gear end and tightening all bolts to torque of 22 Nm (16 ftlb).

4. Turn differential in both directions several times to settle taper roller bearings.

5. Install gages, setting gage plunger VW 388 to distance "a" = 80 mm.

6. Turn ring gear carefully to stop by hand and set dial gage to zero.

7. Hold drive pinion with locally manufactured hooks and turn back rings gear carefully. Read and note amount of backlash.

Hooks manufactured locally of 30 x 5 mm flat steel.


The measured backlash must be brought to the value specified by the drive pinion/ring gear manufacturer by way of dividing "Stot".

The specified backlash is inscribed on the ring gear. Deviations of up to - 0.05 mm are acceptable. The specified backlash must never be exceeded.

Determining Shim Thickness S-] (R i n g G e a r E n d)

Si = Stot (total shim thickness) - measured backlash + specified backlash (inscribed on ring gear)


Stot 0.95 mm

- measured backlash

0.07 mm

Determining Shim Thickness S2 (Opposite Ring Gear)



0.95 mm

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