Removing And Installing Torque Converter

2. Take off control pressure lever.


Be careful not to place any force on lever shaft when loosening or tightening the mourning bolt, to prevent damage to shaft in transmission. Always counterhold with a wrench when loosening or tightening (see page 37 - 14).

3. Install transmission in assembly stand with Special Tool 9162.

7. Mount Special Tool 9301 on torque converter and lift out converter carefully.

4. Position transmission upright and remove converter mounting bolts through openings in converter housing.

5, Remove front converter housing.


1. Remove transmission.

6. Note installed depth of converter (about 49 mm) for reinstalling.

5. Measure installed depth (about 49 mm) of converter, to make sure that converter is positioned correctly. Install front converter housing.


If ATF contains clutch plate/brake band facing particles, clean inside of torque converter with Special Tool 9310 (flushing mandrel). Fill converter with about 1 liter/quart of kerosene, install flushing mandrel and turn same with a drill running at slow speed. Repeat these procedures twice and let the fluid drain through the drain plug.

If there are metal particles in oil sump of transmission, torque converter will have to be replaced.

4. Run in conveter carefully, turning it back and forth slightly. Also be careful not to damage seal while running in converter.

1. Mount Special Tool 9301 on converter,

2. Lubricate input flange and bearing journal of converter with a multi-purpose grease containing M0S2 additives.

3. Place transmission upright. Position drive dog on converter input flange opposite impeller for engagement.

2. Clean filler plug, drain plug for manual trans mission and also magnetic drain plug for differential, and tighten them to torque of 1.9 to 2.3 mkg (14 to 17 ft lb).

3. Add transmission oil with car on level surface until oil flows out of filler plug opening (ap-prox. 3.8 1/8 US pints).

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