Location of Shims

51 = Shim for ring gear

52 = Shim for ring gear

S3 - Shim for ring gear

S5 = Shim for pinion/ring gear


Careful adjustment of the pinion and ring gear is important to guarantee a long service life and quiet running for the final drive. This is why pinions and ring gears are matched during production and checked on special testing machines for the most favorable surface appearance and low noise levels in both directions of rotation. The position of quietest running is determined by moving the pinion in an axial direction, keeping the ring gear within specified backlash tolerances. The devitation "r" from the design distance "R0" is measured, added to design distance "R0" and inscribed on the ring gear as adjusting distance"E".

1 = Porsche trademark

2 = Manufacturing code

3 = Serial pair number from 001 to 999

4 = Manufacturing month and year, four digits (e.g. 1084)

6 = Backlash F (e.g. F 0.18) RQ= Design distance 70,70 mm

E = Adjusting distance (R + r) r = Devitation from R_

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